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This is my latest addition, probably the highlight of my life......

Mar. 5, 2007, the dedication of the Maurice Gibb Park in Miami FL.
Marie and Barry Gibb

The story goes like this: An old friend came down for a visit, and my son, knowing that Barry Gibb, of the Bee Gee's, is her favorite singer (mine too) spent about 6 months arranging to meet him. Not easy! One day they drove to Miami, to his house, and met with him. While they were there, my son asked Barry, "If I call my Mom, would you talk to her?" Well, the phone rang and there was Barry Gibb on the other end of the line. I was thrilled, but disappointed I couldn't meet him, but the chance wasn't completely gone. On Mar. 5th, they dedicated a park to the deceased Gibb brother, Maurice. We drove down to Miami, and although it wasn't the meeting that Randy had, it was still great, and I did get the two surviving brothers Barry and Robin's autographs on a CD, and this picture..  I have almost every record the Bee Gee's have ever made, and even loved them when it wasn't 'cool'. But then, when have I ever conformed?
This heart will never be the same!


Marie Platt

Above is a view of our pool overlooking the pond, 
where all of this marvelous wildlife entertains us.

Did I tell you that we can watch the shuttle launches from right here?
Kennedy Space Center is about 35 miles to our east, so we get to watch every launch in person. We had no idea about this when we bought this house, but it's a perk we really enjoy.

One of 'My Guys'

  One pair of Cranes have been coming to our house for four years and are such a joy to me. They've actually eaten out of our hands. They make a 'purring' sound, so they 'chat' with us for awhile, then they do a little dance. They'll pick up a stick or weed, throw it into the air, chase it, throw it again, jump around flap their wings.  They are SO funny, and SO neat. And SO BIG! About 4 ft. tall. When they fly in they look like small planes, because their wingspan is 6-7 ft. Now they've brought their babies. They will be here for a season, then go on their way to another place, but this is where Mom and Dad feel comfortable, so they stick around. At one time three sets of Sand Hill Cranes visited us nearly every day. Now, new home  building has encroached on their homes and they've had to move further away from us. Now they visit only occasionally, about once a month. They'll come to the back door, and talk and purr to us, then be on their way. I think they'll continue to visit as long as they're alive.

One of 'My Guys' dancing for me.     He dips and jumps, flaps his wings and spins. Quite a sight.   

2/12/07 We took a walk yesterday through the Wildlife Preserve. I think we saw more alligators yesterday then we have on any other visit. The big guy is probably 7-9 feet long. The other two were smaller. The timid ones will bolt into the water as you approach, the bolder ones will just lay there and watch you. 


This is a nice picture of a Hawk sitting there by  the side of the road.


People keep asking me, if after  years, we still like it here or not? Well, we still love it and have never regretted the move. It's not just the weather, but the area where we live, and the people that live here. There  are new things being built all the time.  The Town Center, which is our mall, the big stores like Best Buy, and Home Depot. A new doctors office, dentist, an X-Ray imaging office, so I don't have to go into Orlando to get the yearly testing done. Everything we need is within 3 miles of our home. The streets are safe to walk on, and the crime where we live is about zero. I'm not saying it couldn't happen, I'm just saying it's very rare. SO.....I have found my nitch, and I'll stay here.

  We have a lot of Bald Eagles that live close to here, that we see very often. They 'fish' in our pond. It's really neat to see one drop down and pluck a big fish from the water, in his talons. They have spent hours across the pond. I recently found out that the next county has the largest population of Bald Eagles outside of Alaska.
 There are Osprey,  Ibis...Egrets...Herons, Sea Gulls, and of course the Turkey Vultures. Gallinules that come when we call, and ducks, ducks, and more ducks. Only one pair of Mallards though. Such sweet little faces on them. The list is endless. I never would have believed that birds could give us so much entertainment. Now the ducks and Gallinules are getting so tame they'll come within a foot of us.  

.What a beautiful sunrise.
How would you like to wake up to this every morning?
Well, not
EVERY morning!

This is one of my favorite photos of my pond.
Golden Pond! Yes, I really do live on Golden Pond!

A friend painted this from the photo. A huge painting that hangs on my bedroom wall. So thoughtful and I'm very thankful for it.

These four babies were born in our attic. We sealed up the entrance that the Mom had made, and the little ones came back for a few weeks trying to get back in. Now I see them only occasionally.

They were SO CUTE! 

I'm still baby sitting , but does THAT surprise anyone?

The alumni page is doing very well. and I've managed to find people that I 'lost' 50 years ago. I have renewed old friendships. and made new ones. Classmates from those years so long ago are now emailing me on a regular basis

In Feb. 2005, I met up with some of my classmates in Las Vegas, and had a great few days. We laughed, talked and reminisced non stop for three days. Sharon (Murrell) Sorenson, Sharon (Butler) Padula, Mary Uram, Ken Murphy and his wife Jamie, Larry Comeau, and his wife Bev, Wayne Taylor and his wife Rita, and yours truly. What a great time! I didn't want to leave. 

The picture below was taken  in front of Tuttle Grade School, where I started kindergarten and met most of the amazing people I still call my friends. I was lucky enough to just happen to be there on the very last day that school was ever in session, in June of 2007. The school closed forever the next day. I think that the good old days were better, and my memories tell me I'm right. So, here is another chapter in my life that has closed and is just a memory. Tuttle Grade School! Memories!

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Taken 6/4/07

Where we live!

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Talk to you later!

Gary Platt
Peace, Gary!
You have left us with a huge hole in our hearts
We miss you so much!

  • To my dear friends and family,
    I want to thank you all!
    Thank you for the support and encouragement you've given me during the past couple of years.
    Thank you for the phone calls and the words that kept me going when sometimes I felt so incredibly lost,
    Thank you the funny things you'd say that would make me laugh and bring me up when I  was 'down'.
    Thank you for the emails just to let me know you were there if I needed you.
    Thank you for the gifts you'd bring when you showed up at my door.
    Thank you for the hugs, when I so desperately needed one.
    Thank you for that shoulder to cry on every once in awhile, and,
    Thank you for allowing me to vent when I would get so frustrated with the doctors, who never seem to listen,
    and the Social Workers, ( if I never see another one it will be too soon),
    and the system itself that let Gary down so horribly.

    The doctors who barely speak English so it's hard to communicate with them.
    One, we called Nurse Ratchet because she was just like the nurse in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. 
    Talking so soft and condescending as she asked Gary if he wanted to be resuscitated when he died. 
    This was the FIRST doctor he saw almost two years ago. I wanted to punch her.
    Than there was 'Mad Marge' who sent Gary home with 14 prescriptions, yes folks 14, all but one unnecessary!
    The Social Workers.........What can I say about them except that I NEVER want to see another one. 
    I know they need to do their job, but do it for someone that asks for help, not me!

    There is no sense in going into it now, but I think we could have had Gary with us a few months longer 
    if the doctors would have just listened to us that last week They didn't and so he's gone. 
    We miss him and the house and our hearts are so terribly empty without him.

    Thank you most of all to my wonderful son Randy, who spent 24/7 researching the things that kept 
    his Dad alive for about 18 months longer than he was supposed to be. 
    He was the one who took Gary to the Doctors and the Hospital when needed, and would spend his 
    nights caring for his Dad so I could sleep.
    I could have not done this without him.
    Everyone should have a loving, caring son/daughter who loved his Dad as much as Randy did.

     Now, it's over! I  have finally found  the time to digest your letters, phone calls and cards.
    Thank you so much for your sympathy and your gifts, and for just being there!
    It has all meant a great deal to me and my family, and it's really appreciated.
    You have all proven just what true friendship is all about and I love you all.

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